Many platforms such as Joomla and WordPress these days enable editing your own website copy simple, but who has the time?

Put your hand up if your guilty of having a lovely new website created by the best creative minds around, and then doing nothing with it!

Maintain Me can do this for you! Provide your log in details, a brief of what you need, and it’s done for you.

Why maintain your website copy?

Because websites do go out of style, your content is not timeless. In order to stay relevant to your customers, you need to know what they are looking for, and keep your website relevant.

This also works favourably with your google ranking.

Maintain Me suggests your copy to be:

  • Natural
  • Informative
  • Brief
  • Relevant to purpose, audience & tone.

One off amendments

Have some editing to do as a once off? No problem. Maintain Me can take care of that for you. Either provide the copy you want replaced – or a brief with relevant information for maintain me to create it for you.

Regular updates

To keep your website up to date and relevant – Maintain Me can offer periodic changes at a time frame to suit you – weekly, monthly or annually. Benefits of this include maintaining google ranking and relevance to your existing and potential clients.

All you need to decide is the recurrence time frame!