Getting more likes on Facebook can be difficult. Due to a number of recent and sweeping algorithm changes, the content published by a Facebook page is less likely to populate in news feeds.

A simple and free method for getting more likes on Facebook is to take advantage of Like Ladders. This short guide is designed to teach you the What, Where and How of Like Ladders, and that they can ultimately be used to build both your following and engagement levels.

What Is a Like Ladder?

A Like Ladder is a simple concept. A Facebook page will post an invitation for users to paste the links to their own Facebook pages in the comments.


The idea is that you will post the link to your own page, and then like the other pages in the comments.

There are numerous variations of Like Ladders, some of which include a requirement to:

  • like or share the original Ladder post,
  • like a series of featured or paid pages included in the Ladder post,
  • like the Facebook page that published the Ladder post, or
  • post the link to your page from your personal Facebook account rather than your page.

No matter what conditions are placed on the Like Ladder, two things are certainly true:

  1. Some people cheat and do not follow the rules.
  2. Like Ladders can be a fast method to generate a ton of likes for your page.

The idea here is that you like as many pages as possible that appear in the comments, and others will in turn like your page, as well.

Generally speaking, I do not endorse like exchanges. As I have written previously, like exchanges tend to attract self-serving users who have no real interest in your content. Like Ladders tend to be the exception, because:

  1. The likes you generate for your Facebook page through a Ladder are manually initiated. It is ultimately up to the individual user whether or not to like your page, and a like does not guarantee reciprocation. Further, if the user has no interest in your content, he or she has no incentive to like your page.
  2. Most users who add the link to their Facebook page to a Like Ladder represent a real business of some sort. Those users are looking to network with others who may take notice of what their pages are promoting. Additionally, those users are also looking for good, related content to share on their own pages. It stands to reason that these users will engage with your page in some capacity.

Where Can I Find a Like Ladder?

Getting more likes on Facebook with Like Ladders is fairly simple, so long as you know where to find one.

For starters, Like Ladders take on several names, including:

  • Fan Friday
  • Fan Page Friday
  • Fan Page Party
  • Fan Page Networking

To find a Like Ladder, try searching for any number of popular and related hashtags. Here is a bit of a cheat sheet to get you started:

  • #‎FacebookFanFriday‬
  • #‎FacebookFriday‬
  • #‎FanPageFriday‬
  • #‎FacebookFanPage
  • #‎FanPageParty‬
  • #‎FacebookFanPageFriday‬
  • #‎FanFriday‬
  • #‎FanPageNetworking
  • #‎Ladder‬
  • #OpenWall
  • ‪#SocialMediaNetworking‬
  • #‎GetMoreFans‬
  • ‪#Networking

Certainly there are others, but this list should populate quite a number of results for you.

When you search for one of these hashtags on Facebook, a number of related posts will populate. Make a point to like the pages that commonly host Like Ladders. That way, you may see them appear in your timeline as they happen.

And despite what the hashtags may suggest, Like Ladders do not just happen on Friday. They happen every day of the week. In fact, many pages run a number of them each day. Here are a few pages that run daily Like Ladders:

How Do I Participate?

Participating in a Like Ladder is simple. Just,

  • like the post itself,25
  • like the page hosting the Like Ladder if you haven’t already,
  • follow any instructions in the post with respect to featured pages or interacting from your personal account,
  • paste the link to your Facebook page in the comments with a short blurb about what you do, and
  • like as many pages in the comments section as possible, if not all of them.

When you like a page in the comments, be sure to notify the page owner. Here is an example where I have done so:

  1. Like the page.
  2. Like the post containing the page.
  3. Reply to the page owner including a link to your own page.
  4. Tag the page or its owner in your comment if you wish. (optional)

You can easily tag the user by typing @ and then the first few letters of his or her name or Facebook page.

A few things to consider:

  • Facebook limits the number of pages you can like each day. To avoid having your account temporarily frozen, like only 10-20 pages at a time. Pause in between for a few minutes.
  • If you post the same comment repetitively, such as ‘I liked your page’, Facebook may also think you are spamming and freeze your account. Make sure each time you reply to a page owner on a Like Ladder that your comment is at least somewhat unique.

If you can make a conscious point to participate in two or three Like Ladders each day, you will start exponentially getting more likes on Facebook. Just remember to play by the rules!


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