Linked in is a powerful on line relationship marketing tool.

In the words of Linked In, “Word of mouth drives referrals. And referrals drive business. Start generating buzz with LinkedIn.”

You may have experienced how much easier a warm lead is as opposed to a cold one. Cold leads often equal a lot of random head banging on unwanted walls to find the one with the golden ticket behind it – i.e the person that wants to speak to you!

“Sales come easier when you’re talking to the right people. Use LinkedIn to find them.”

It is important to include Linked In in your business marketing activities. Your business can do this by driving conversations in industry groups, posting blogs on your Linked In company page, as well as direct communication with connected contacts in your chosen target market.

With a high level of engagement, Adding Linked In postings to your existing marketing strategy is a smart move that many businesses are taking.

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