Make sure your content reflects why you need a newsletter

Many companies publish a newsletter as an marketing tool to customers. Some spam visitors to their websites, scamming details through thinly veiled ruses to offer value for the consumer that is never actually received (think rewards programs where its inevitable points expire before you’ve received anything) and send them frequent sales newsletters. The third reason companies publish a newsletter is for internal cultural communication building.

As a marketing tool to customers, the newsletter format can be effective if using content in the right way, to keep customers engaged and top of mind. As a selling tool – you will meet with disappointment – consumers are sales message tired. Give them a rest, it will be appreciated. If your product, price, place & promotion are all market intuitive, just being there should be enough to engage the client.

Collecting details via opt in services may seem like a good idea, but effectively not delivering on promised rewards and pushing the sales message constantly is more often damaging to your brand than not. Providing them engaging, informative and relevant news is more likely to be building the client towards a sales decision than a direct pitch.

Internal company newsletters are often underrated. Done well, you can send your brand and cultural message in a subtle fashion without having to impose a ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ on staff that is all but worthless in a dusty policy book received when the staff member was hired. Often the main message in these internal newsletters are communications regarding policy changes, updates on adding products to a range. They can also be effective tools in building rapport and breaking down cultural issues if humanised content is also included.

If you are producing a newsletter, it can be a great tool for your company.  Ensure its being done for the right reasons and tailor content to suit.