Maintain Me is all about the blog, why blog? What does it do?

Blogging is an inexpensive way to reach a wide audience. It creates a ‘pull’ marketing strategy in a market place that is jaded with the ‘push’ approach. You will be familiar with the push mentality. Cold calls, marketing surveys, door knockers. Annoying right?

Blogs allow you to help your client do their research in their own time without a sales person with the subtlety of a 2×4 loudly whispering ‘buy, buy, buy’ in your ear.

If your content is dynamic, engaging and informative – they will call you and the transaction is a reciprocal positive experience.

There are many other benefits to explore further. These include, boosting your SEO (or how you rank on google), fostering consumer relationships, establishing your business as an authority and building brand image.

Why blog? Why not!