Kim Manson, Creative director and Owner of Maintain Me.  Read more here

Maintain Me takes the hassle out keeping your web presence updated for small business.

Update your website copy, keep up regular blog posts, posting events and news to social media!

Check out our services, to see how Maintain Me can help you.


We keep it simple, many businesses have limited resources and time. If you and your valued staff are taken away from achieving sales growth, your company will suffer. By  spending time on pushing your everyday marketing messages to social media and your website, you have less time to achieve sales, but you need the marketing to drive exposure and recall too!

Spinning plates in any business can be hard, but in a small business there often just isn’t enough human resources to achieve and maintain both sales and marketing at the same time. Spinning plates is difficult when there arent enough people to keep them balanced.

So you need someone to lend a helping hand to get your marketing message out to market, but how to do it when you aren’t large enough to hire another employee? The solution is Maintain Me.

Outsource the weekly tasks, and pay per hour for those tasks to be undertaken, to a professional level. Your marketing done when you want it, with what you want done, at a value price to achieve the exposure you need.

Need a weekly blog posted? Not a problem

Need an advert to paste on facebook once per month? Done

Want a tweet a day? Ready when you are

No minimum time requirements, if you need a regular marketing task done – Speak to us today. 0421 317 044.